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Utica OD - Litchfield Passes Local Law Banning Industrial Wind Turbines - 3/22/2012


WIBX - Residents Voice Concerns Regarding Proposed Litchfield Wind Turbines 3/14/2012


Utica OD - Noise from Herkimer Co. Wind Turbines to be Studied Again - 10/3/11


Utica OD - Litchfield Official Signs Easement with Wind Project Company - 9/26/11


WKTV - Litchfield May Ban Smaller Wind Power Projects - 8/10/11


Utica OD - State will Have Say in Local Wind Projects - 8/8/11


Herkimer Telegram - Litchfield Draft Law Would Ban Large Windmills - 7/29/11


Utica OD - Litchfield Draft Law Would Ban Large Windmills - 7/28/11


Utica OD - Act Now When it Comes to Powering Our Future - 5/3/11


Utica OD - Paris Conducting Public Hearing on Wind Power Ordinances - 5/2/11


Utica OD - Richfield Spa Must be Straight on Wind Power - 4/21/11


Utica Daily News - Noise, Distraction, and Litigation: Controversy Over Hardscrabble Wind Farm - 4/11/11


WKTV - Residents Dragged Into Dispute Between Windmill Company and Contractor - 4/13/11


Herkimer Telegram - Ill Winds in Wind-Towers' Payment Dispute Hit Home - 4/12/11


Utica OD - Residents Targeted by Subcontractor Who Wants to be

Paid for Work - 4/13/11


Utica OD - Residents Adapting to Living with 37 Herkimer Co. Wind Turbines - 4/13/11


Utica OD - Noisy Wind Turbines Have Ruined Fairfield 3/27/2011


Utica OD - Wind Farms Grow Mainly Thanks to Money 3/24/2011


Utica OD - Focus of Future: Wind Power, High-tech Initiatives 2/27/2011


Utica OD - Research Shows Wind Power May be no Bargain 2/18/2011


Utica OD - Taxpayers Need Protection from Windmill Costs 2/15/2011


Utica OD - Litchfield Should OK Law to Nix Turbines Forever 2/14/2011


WKTV - Litchfield Officials Vote to Extend Moratorium 2/8/2011


Utica OD - Litchfield Extends Moratorium on Wind Projects 2/8/2011


WKTV - Litchfield Town Council to Vote on Extending Moratorium for Windmill Law - 2/8/2011


Utica OD - Communities face pros, cons of wind projects 1/22/2011


Utica OD - Litchfield Wind Farm Anything But Productive 1/16/2011


WKTV - Standing Room Only at Meeting in Litchfield 1/11/2011


Utica OD - Litchfield Residents Should Attend Meeting Tuesday 1/7/2011


Utica OD - Stopping Litchfield Wind Farm Not End of the World 1/4/2011


WIBX - Litchfield Town Board Closer to Passing Wind Ordinance 11/18/2010


Utica OD - Our View: Leaders Must Know When to Back Off 11/16/2010


WKTV - Windmill Project Suspended Due to Substandard Materials 11/12/2010


Utica OD - Hardscrabble Wind Farm Progress Set Back by Faulty Foundations 11/12/2010


Utica OD - Litchfield Supervisor Resigns Amid Wind Project Criticism 11/11/2010


WKTV - Turbine Proposal in Litchfield Continues to Draw Criticism from Both Sides 11/1/2010


Utica OD - Consultant's Work in Litchfield Raises Questions About Conflict 10/30/2010


WKTV - Wind turbine proposal a source of controversy in Litchfield 10/28/2010


WIBX - Litchfield Debate on Wind Turbine Answered Few Residents Questions 10/27/10


Utica OD - Litchfield to host wind power debate 10/14/2010


National Wind Watch - Litchfield proposed wind turbines project pits residents against Town Supervisor 10/13/2010


WIBX - Litchfield Proposed Wind Turbines Project Pits Residents Against Town Supervisor 10/12/10


Utica OD - Our view: Wind farm conflicts need addressing 09/25/10


Utica OD - Records show area officials profit from leases with turbine firms 09/18/10


The Washington Times - 'Green' jobs no longer golden in stimulus 09/09/10


Watertown Daily Times - Henderson eyes total wind farm ban 09/09/10


Utica OD - Bogdan: Standing on Dry Hill in the heart of a could-be wind farm 08/30/10


Utica OD - Our view: Ensure wind projects free of conflicts 08/25/10


Utica OD - Project blows winds of change through town 08/21/10


Utica OD - Litchfield council extends moratorium on wind projects 08/11/10


Utica OD - Litchfield wind farm moratorium could be extended 08/10/10


Dr. Nina Pierpont's Presentation to the Hammond Wind Committee 7/5/10


Utica OD - Sauquoit wind project seems like a lot of hot air 06/23/10


Fall of Fenner windmill remains a mystery


The Acoustic Ecology Institute - NY town draft wind ordinance: easements from all residents within 6500 feet


Industrial Wind Action Group - Litchfield wind turbine plan concerns residents


National Wind Watch - Litchfield wind turbine plan concerns residents


Utica OD - Litchfield wind turbine plan concerns residents 06/09/10


WKTV - Some residents turn on wind turbine project 06/09/10


WIBX - Meeting on Town of Litchfield Wind Turbine Project Wednesday Night 06/09/10


Utica OD - Proposed ordinance regulating wind farms


Letter to the OD editor 12/2009


Utica OD - Letters to the editor 04/23/10


Government funding for wind energy is corporate welfare


450' Tall Industrial Wind Turbines - Do you want them in Litchfield?


They're Not Green Episode 4


They're Not Green Episode 7


They're Not Green Episode 8


Greed Not Green


Wind Watch: The Wind Farm Scam


187-ton windmill topples in Madison County


News Channel 2 - 12/08/09


Wind Watch Brochure


Maple Ridge Wind Farm has been a disaster


Guest view: Taxpayers left twisting in the wind? Not if PSC can help it

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