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Save Sauquoit Valley Views (SSVV) is a group of citizens with the united purpose to promote the responsible use of alternative energy. We support technically sound, economically viable and environmentally responsible solutions to our country's growing energy needs. We are opposed to the installation of industrial wind turbines which are unreliable, ineffective and ruinous to the communities upon which they are forced. 


Recent events confirm that "big money" interests in the US and Europe have discovered the enormously generous tax breaks and subsidies that are now available in the US for producing electricity with wind turbines. In the US, "wind farms" are now being built primarily for tax avoidance purposes, not because of their environmental, energy or economic benefits. The tax breaks and subsidies have more value to "wind farm" owners than the revenue from the sale of electricity they produce.1

These organizations are moving aggressively to build "wind farms" and to seek more subsidies.

Meanwhile, as more industrial wind turbines are proposed in the US and other countries, ordinary citizens have learned that "wind farms" are not environmentally benign. Instead, wind energy has high economic, environmental, ecological, scenic and property value costs. Wind turbines produce only small amounts of electricity and that electricity is unreliable and low in value. With around 50,000 wind turbines in operation throughout the world, there should be ample, incontrovertible evidence that they work and perform as advertised, yet why is it that no such evidence exists?2

Wind power has almost no connection to oil imports. Nearly no electricity is produced by burning oil and would not affect our nation's oil imports. All of New York's wind turbines produce less energy in a YEAR than is contained in ONE DAY'S worth of imported oil.3


Save Sauquoit Valley Views is committed to ensuring that our tax dollars are not spent chasing the illusion of wind energy.


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